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Running Your Business with a Successful Exit in Mind

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Business Improvement:

5 Key Ways to Increase the Value of Your Business  

(90 mins plus Q&A)

Geared for Businesses with 10 – 100 employees – Includes a workbook

This was created because we have worked with too many business owners that have gotten to the time of transitioning into retirement and their market value is well short of their expectation or need. Although originally designed to help businesses as they prepare to sell, the material covered is relevant to businesses earlier in the life cycle as well. Applying these simple principles can increase profitability and help owners create more time.


Business Transitions:

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…To Sell Your Business and Retire

(90 Mins with Q&A, Can include other trusted advisors: Attorney, CPA, Banker, Business Broker, Financial Planner) 

Geared for Businesses with 5 – 100 employees

Designed to help business owners get educated that will be looking to sell and retire in the next 5 years. Created from real world experience, business owners will get answers to questions and concerns on the transition process, from planning stages through post-close.


Process of Buying/Selling a Business & Pitfalls to Avoid

(90 Mins with Q&A, With Moderated Panel: Attorney, CPA, Banker, Business Broker, Financial Planner)

Geared for Businesses with 5 – 50 employees

This is a great opportunity for business owners to gain access to quality trusted advisors to better understand the process and have access to education before costly mistakes happen.


Succession Planning 101: Where to Start                    

(90 Mins with Q&A)

Geared for business with 5 – 50 employees

An overview of exit planning to help business owners plan in advance for that day to turn over the day-to-day operations and transition into retirement or their next venture. It is important to plan ahead instead of being forced into decisions (often from health issues or significant changes in their business).


Employee Ownership Options for Exit Planning 

(2 Hours with Q&A)

Geared for Businesses with 10 – 100 employees

For businesses exploring the idea of succession planning through employee ownership:  Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) – Worker Cooperatives – Employee Ownership Trusts


Business Community & Entrepreneur Education:

Is Your Net Working – Networking 101 The Basics 

(1 hour and interactive)

This workshop was created for entrepreneurial organizations that wanted to help their students and/or clients. We enjoy helping the business community and entrepreneurs build great working relationships through authentic connections. Networking at its best is about quality connections not collecting the most contacts.