Our Process

Our Process To
Sell Your Business

Advanced planning is the key to the best results in the sale of a business. We provide business owners the greatest chance for a successful sale by sticking to this clearly defined process.

Planning & Guidance

Waiting too long, or not planning in advance, can cause many business owners to miss their window of opportunity to sell their business. Prior to listing, we go through the pre-sale process with you. We have access to tools and numerous resources to help you maximize value and create more effective sales results.  We include high-quality and realistic valuation services to give you greater negotiation strength and help you set proper expectations when planning with your CPA and other professionals. This guidance is included with your listing package.

Strategizing Comprehensive & Custom Marketing

Our staff will work with you to understand the history of your business to create a detailed business analysis of your company that isn’t just about the numbers. Our team creates marketing pieces that are valuable tools as part of our listing services and commitment to you, including an executive listing summary and a comprehensive confidential business review package. As part of our marketing strategy customized to your business industry, we list your business on high-ranking businesses for sale websites, create proprietary distribution materials that reach thousands of potential buyers, as well as talk directly to other buying agents and private equity investors. 

Identifying Qualified Buyers

We identify qualified buyers and secure the necessary privacy documents needed to pre-qualify interested parties. Our expert team of brokers handles all inquiries so you only have to deal with legitimate parties and avoid wasting time or releasing confidential information to non-qualified inquirers.


During the negotiation phase, we will secure qualified offers, schedule and assist with onsite visits, and analyze all offers. Additionally, we help your team of advisors analyze deal structures, negotiate the best terms for you, and offer creative input for alternative considerations.

Closing the Deal

In the final step, closing the deal, we will secure letters of intent and help facilitate required due diligence. Our team will work with you and your attorney to keep the deal on track and not lose momentum. We also have numerous finance partners and investor relationships as well as access to a wide array of options to assist a buyer if needed.

We provide a no-charge, no-obligation,
one-on-one meeting with an
experienced broker.