M&A Buyside Advisory Services

We Have A Team Mentality.

At Advanced Business Brokers, we have a team of advisors that specialize in mid-market transactions. We can provide project-based service to support growth initiatives through the acquisition of small to mid-market firms with earnings that range from $5 million to $50 million. Each program is custom-designed based on client-defined targets.

Business acquisitions, if executed properly, can be a great and effective growth strategy.

Our services are best suited for smaller mid-market clients who have well-defined size, type, and geographic search criteria. There are many factors and complexities in buying a business and often the best deals are found before a company is ever listed on the open market. Our experience with and knowledge about small to mid-market businesses has added incredible value to mergers and acquisitions transactions for corporate strategic buyers.

Our Process

We provide business owners the greatest chance for a successful merger by sticking to this clearly defined process.

Acquisition Strategy & Target Profile

•   Identify company goals and objectives

•   Research and develop acquisition targets

•   Verify target contact information


Research, Outreach, & Build a Pipeline

•   Develop buyer profile and communication pieces

•   Make confidential outreach to approved targets

•   Collect required data and coordinate introductions


Evaluation, Analysis, & Negotiations

•   Collect financial and operational data for review

•   Perform valuation analysis

•   Coordinate initial conversations and onsite visits

•   Assist in offer creation, LOI’s, and negotiations

Deal Structure, Due Diligence, Legal, & Accounting To Move Through Completion

•   Coordinate due diligence

•   Document prep. coordination and management

•   Closing and assistance with financing if needed


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