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Everything You Need in a Business Brokerage Team

We provide full-service business brokerage services to businesses with revenue typically under $10 million with enterprise values between $500,000 and $10 million. We will work with you and your team of trusted advisors (CPA, attorney, banker, financial planner, and your broker at Advanced Business Brokers) to make the transition comfortable and worry-free.

Strategy & Guidance

We understand the investment you have made to build your business. When the time comes to sell it there are many decisions to make.  We want you to be totally comfortable in your decisions and satisfied with the outcome of the selling process. This all starts with pre-sale planning and creating a strategic plan that helps clearly define and understand all the goals, objectives, and personal needs of everyone that will be affected by this transaction.

Our Key Factors

Confidentiality is
of utmost importance.

As your intermediary, we help control the release of information throughout the process so that you can run your daily operations and only have to engage with qualified buyers.

Unforeseen hurdles
can take you off track.

Our third-party perspective enables anticipation of obstacles to a sale and appropriate resolution of issues that arise.

Your story matters.

Your unique story along with other vital factors are used to deploy specific marketing strategies to attract the right buyers, maximize selling price, and reduce selling time.

Business continuity is
crucial while the sale process is underway.

  • While you focus to keep the company running smoothly, we work to source qualified buyers.

There can be emotional twists and turns when selling your business.

Our commitment is to help sellers persist when the inevitable emotional issues are encountered. We help you with each step including all the way through the final closing of the transaction.

Coordination is key.

  • We help coordinate the efforts and efficient use of the needed professional outside resources. As a result, professional advisory fees are often minimized.

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