Main Street Market Maker

We are here for you, small businesses.

We provide support and marketing access for businesses priced under $500,000 seeking an affordable way to be sold. Our top-notch marketing package, guidance on pricing and market strategy, access to channels that produce qualified buyers, non-disclosure agreement (NDA) materials, and processes to maintain confidentiality to help you secure a buyer for your business.

Main Street Market Maker Experience:
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ABB offers these benefits to small business owners that use:
Main Street Market Maker:


Flexibility with no exclusive or long-term contract. Our success fee only applies if we find a buyer for your business. You can cancel at any time with just 15 days’ notice.


High confidentiality through our proven process to sell businesses. We guide you through a step-by-step process to discreetly work with potential buyers.



Visibility online through our tried-and-true marketing strategy. We attract thousands of potential buyers each month using high-ranking SEO strategies. These sites normally have a 3-6 month minimum listing period and can cost hundreds of dollars per month.


Affordable cost structure that can save you thousands of dollars compared to traditional models – We offer a minimal one-time setup fee, a small monthly fee and we only get paid a success fee if we find you a buyer.


What It Means To Work With The Main Street Market Maker Team from Advanced Business Brokers

You work with people you can trust, who understand your market, and can help you achieve the maximum value for your business.

Whether you’re ready to sell today or planning for the future, we’re here to help.